Giving Bags


The mission statement of Equity Concepts is to help our clients understand their purpose, and position them financially to be able to live it out. We are constantly thinking of ways we can carry out that mission, and the latest is Giving Bags.

The bags are readily available in our lobby for you to take at your convenience to pass along to the houseless person you notice on the street as you are driving or walking around the city. A little help can go a long way. Every one of us has a purpose, and that purpose can serve as the best source of inspiration for our lives. We want to connect you to your purpose, and one way to do that is by providing a simple way to make a difference.

We think these bags will open the door for important conversations, and may even steer you closer to understanding and living out your purpose. We find that giving is contagious, and once you start noticing and serving the needs of those around you, you’ll feel a fulfillment that is deep and lasting.

Extend this opportunity to others. Tell your friends and neighbors to come get a Giving Bag from us. This could be a tool for practicing awareness, building relationships, deepening your story and taking another step in living out your purpose.





Share your stories with us. Please let us know about your experience with these bags in the comment box below.

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