Our Team

Extending our reach from Virginia and beyond.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Equity Concepts employs over 40 team members licensed in more than 40 states to help you invest with clarify. So you can live with purpose.

Wealth Managers

Philip Beethoven-Wilson

Shannon Carter, MBA, CFP®

Jinette Chiappetta, CPA

Alan Dole, MBA

Kenny Elkins, CPFA®

Canon Hickman, CFP®

Ken Jones, CFP®, ChFC®

Mike Mills, AIF®

Alex Paoletto, CFP®

William Saunders, CFP®

David B. Saunders

Haider Sharifi, CFP®

Michael Thaler

Alex Thompson

Andrew Walker

Sarah Kyle

Support Team

Carol Bassett, CPA

Anya Campbell

Jason Carter

Iris Cooper

Azie Diffee

Wendy Hicks

Holly Hues

Christine Lu

Kathy Mintz

Janis Moore

Barbara Romine

Charlon Wade

Hedy Walker

Elliott Williams

You’ll notice the difference with our team approach.

With Equity Concepts, you’ll have a team behind you rather than just one individual advisor. While all our wealth managers are experienced and knowledgeable, there are many aspects to the world of personal finance that require distinct competencies. Our professionals collaborate on your financial plan to make a difference with your wealth.

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